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Transfection Reagents

Transfection reagents from GeneON: Efficiency combines with high transgene expression level or high gene silencing and minimize cytotoxicity depends on multiple critical parameters





 3D Transfection

 New generation of reagent for the direct transfect cells
 cultured in 3D scaffold. 3D-Transfect Reagent is suitable for
 all kind of scaffolds and cells.

 DNA Transfer

Power full reagents for a large variety of applications:, outperformer for universal transfection or economically reagent for popular cell lines,for insect cells, and vero cells

 siRNA Transfer

SiRNA Trans Reagent is a very efficient siRNA delivery reagent which leads to reproducible protein knockdown with no off-target effects.

 Protein Delivery

 Delivery of functional antibodies, proteins into living cells,
 and suspension-growing cells

 3-Step Transfection

 Universal, economic  and very stable transfection reagent
 for primary cells and cell lines 

From a leading European Manufacturer exclusively for GeneON Germany:

Transfect plus reagent GFP expressions Neu

Top Product: Proteinase K , Set of dNTP

Overview Transfection Reagents
3D Transfection
Latest transfection 3-D Matrix reagent for studying tissue engineering, tissue regeneration, tumor invasion, neural differentiation, cellular polarization, tissue formation, colonization, neurite growth
3D-Transfect Reagent
The transfection reagent is developed to directly transfection of cultured cells in 3D scaffold
3D-PLUS Transfect reagent
3D transfection reagent is developed for directly transfection of cultered cells in all types of hydrogel
DNA Transfer Reagents
Specialized transfection reagents from GeneON are designed according to the nucleic acids to be delivered and the cell types used in order to achieve optimal efficiency
InsectFect Reagent
For efficient and reproducible transfection of insect cells.
For the transfection of Vero Cells; for many applications such as stable and transient transfection, protein and viral production
TransfectPlus reagent
Transfecting from all types of nucleic acids with a very high efficiency
EcoFection Reagent
Economical transfection - for routine assays and easy cells
The siRNA transfection reagent is ideal for gene silencing. It is a very efficient reagent leading to exceptional knockdown effects with low doses of siRNA.
Protein Delivery Systems
Innovative reagents allowing intracellular delivery of biologically active proteins or antibodies
Antibody Delivery Reagent
The transaction reagent forms non-covalent complexes with antibodies through electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions
Protein Delivery reagent
The novel transfection reagent allows studying of specific protein functions, protein localization, enlightening new molecular mechanisms
LS-ProteinTrans Reagent
Large-Scale transient transfection for high protein production yield with reproducible results
Transfection Reagent
3-Step transfection reagent with high transfection rate and low Cytotoxicity

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Cot-1 Human DNA (2016-01-26)
Cot-1 Human DNA under stringent QC
Electrophoresis System Mini (2015-09-01)
Clever Agarose-Gel-Tank
Centrifuge for 96-PCR- and Microplates (2015-03-09)
Clever Rotor-Centrifuge for 96-PCR Plates.
Dialysis Membranes / Tubing (2014-09-23)
Dialysis membrane tubings are made of high quality Regenerated Cellulose. They are produced with the highest care and attention to quality and stability.
DNA/RNA Purification from different sources (2014-04-03)
Improved product-line for fast and impressive results, inexpensive and reliable
Substitutes for Ethidium Bromide and SybrGreen (2013-11-19)
Replace Et.bromide - with stable alternatives - Environmentally safe and ultra-sensitive nucleic acid gel stains
One.Step RT-PCR Kits (2013-09-30)
The new kits for One-Step RT-PCR offer both: high amplification rate and high sensitivity
Microtube homogenizer (2013-06-04)
Homogenize three sample simultaneously; Solidly and ergonomically designed
Protein Ladder EXtended (2013-05-08)
13 bands, wide range fron 5kDa - 245kDa
The clever Multi-PCR-Rack (2013-03-13)
Keep it cool with the cooling-PCR rack
Product overview (2012-09-17)
Find all products from GeneON
PCR mastermixes for LightCycler (2012-04-25)
New: optimized master mixes for capillary-based Thermocycler available
Bst DNA Polymerase (2011-07-05)
Bst DNA allows sequencing through problematic secondary structures
Nucleic Acid purification kits (2010-11-23)
Advanced Purification kits for the isolation of DNA and RNA from many sources
COT I Human DNA (2010-07-15)
Cot I DNA for: DNA array comparative genomic Hybridisation (CGH), micro-array, In situ hybridisation, and genetic analyzing
Polymerases (2010-07-15)
Sensitive Polymerases for all DNA amplifications
DNA/RNA ladders and markers (2010-07-15)
Perfect selection for your applications
Spectrophotometer: Special offer (2010-07-12)
Spectralphotometer -best price- 2.399 Euro until 30.08.2010
DNA Ladders and DNA Markers (2010-01-01)
GeneON offers a large Range of Markers and Ladders for perfect sizing of DNA



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