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Spectralphotometer / Nucleic Acid Meter

The Spectrophotometer from GeneON is DISCONTINUED


Catalog-no:    Description units                     Euro             Shop     
900-100  Spectrophotometer 1 pcs   




Cuvette I (8µl) 1 pcs discontinued  
900-110 Cuvette II (150µl) 1 pcs discontinued  
900-115 optional: PC-Software 1 pcs discontinued  

Spectophotometer  Nucleic acid meter  Spectralphotomerter  measurement of DNA  RNA Protein 6


Features: Spectrophotometer

- rapid device for quantification of DNA, RNA and

- large screen and keypad (no need for a computer system)

- easy to handle - no training required

- pre programmed for 4 methods of quantification

- one investment, no further costs for dyes or spare parts

- technical advancements yield superior performance

Spectrophotometer: Deutsche Beschreibung

Spectrophotometer: Manual

Spectrophotometer: Order by E-Mail

Spectophotometer  Nucleic acid meter  Spectralphotomerter  measurement of DNA  RNA Protein 5Description Spectrophotometer

The spectrophotometer is ideal for the rapid and reliable quantification of dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA, and, proteins. Additionally, the device is ideal for determining sample purity using the 260/280 nm purity method.  This handy measuring device with small and compact dimensions will fit easily into today’s crowded lab space.  By combining a large LCD screen with an ergonomically designed keypad, any untrained personnel will be able to use the Nucleic Acid Meter immediately out of the box. Taking measurements is as simply as plugging in the AQ-07 then selecting a method from the home screen. 

The device is pre programmed with methods for:
- Purity via 260/280 nm ratio
- ssDNA via 260 nm
- dsDNA via 260
- RNA via 260 nm
- Protein via 280nm

Unlike other spectralphotometers used for the quantification of DNA, RNA, and protein, the AQ-07 uses light emitting diodes (LED).  The spectrophotometer uses a 260 nm LED for measuring ssDNA, dsDNA, and RNA.  For the quantitation of protein, a 280nm LED is used. When taking purity measurements requiring the 260/280 method, both LEDs are utilized.   The value of using LEDs for these methods include; long lifetime without the need for replacement,  low heat production shielding samples from degradation,  and high photometric precision.  The spectrophotometer has a reading range from 0.0 to 4.3 OD allowing measurements of less than 1ug/mL dsDNA.


At times when working with DNA or RNA, for instance one difficulty is that only very small amounts of sample are available for photometric measurements in biochemical analysis. Additionally, such samples often have a very low specific absorption and the light path cannot be reduced beyond a certain point. GeneON offers two different types of cuvettes to overcome these challenges.

Spectophotometer  Nucleic acid meter  Spectralphotomerter  measurement of DNA  RNA Protein 1Cuvette I (8µl)
This Ultra-Micro Cuvette was custom designed for measurements using 8ul or more of sample.  The top section is constructed so that capillary action is prevented when pipetting sample into the micro cell. Due to this custom design only 8 μI of sample is required. By retaining a path length of 3 mm,  sensitivity has not be compromised. This cell is constructed so that filling and emptying can easily be accomplished with commonly available pipette tips.

How it works?
- pipette 8µl or more sample into slotted sample compartmen (Sample will reside in small rectangular quartz window allowing
  light to pass through sample)
- measurement in the Nucleic acid meter
- remove sample with tip
- wash with ethanol of water
- use again

Cuvette II (150µl)

This Micro-Cuvette is available for labs that would like to measure samples volumes of 150ul and greater. It has frosted walls and a lid,  measurements of 150ul are made simple.  The dimensions are 25mm x 12.5mm x 12.5mm.   

Both cuvettes fits to the spectrophotometer, without any adapter.

Technical specification: Spectralphotometer

Optical system: Absorption, single-beam photometer with reference beam
Light source 260 nm LED and 280nm LED
Light beam height  0.320"
Wavelengths 260 and 280nm
Photometric measuring range  0.001 to 4.30 OD
Photometric accuracy ±0.001 OD
Photometric precision ±0.0005 OD
Power consumption 9 VDC, 0.2 A 
Computer interface USB
Size  Length:~18 cm, Width:~9,5 cm; Height:~8 cm

 The major differences between the ND-2000 and AQ-07 are as follow:

1) The A007 is cuvette based so the sample is contained and does not present the risk of contamination. The ND-2000 does not use a cuvette which means the sample has the potential to contaminate the instrument.

2) The A007 is specifically designed for 260nm and 280nm measurements. The ND-2000 is broad spectrum based which is why it is less sensitive in the low reading range.

3) The A007 is LED based and will not require lamp changes during its useful life. The ND-2000 uses a flash lamp which will burn out.

4) The A007 is priced at about 1/3 the price of the ND-2000.


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Copyrightę GeneOn 2007-15 print page: Spectralphotometer / Nucleic Acid Meter

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