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Diagnostic PCR Master Mix - freeze dryed


  Proteinase K      

"It was never so easy and convenient for a researcher to analyse infection agents in biological samples with PCR-Technique."

Gefriergetrocknete Mastermixe: Deutsche Beschreibung
Manual: Freeze dry mastermixes 

 Set GenePack

The lyophilised Master Mixes contain all reagents which are necessary for a successful PCR:

- Taq DNA Polymerase
- dNTP’s
- primers for the specific infection
- Stabilizers and enhancer
You have to add only a dilution buffer and your DNA sample to start   thermocycling.


Components of PCR-Master Mix for infection disease:
- 80 x 0,2 ml PCR Tubes with lyophilized Master Mix
- 10 positive samples (lyophilised in 0,2 ml PCR tubes)
- 10 negative samples (lyophilised in 0,2 ml PCR tubes)
- Dilution buffer

List of of products
Lyophilized PCR test system for:


- Select the most qualified DNA / RNA purification Kit for your Bio-sample
- Add dilution buffer and purified DNA to the Master Mix
- Fill up with PCR-grade water to an reaction volume of max. 20 µl
- Start Thermo-cycling

PCR Diagnostik AgaroseAnalysis (post PCR)
- Load the sample on an agarose gel (stained with Ethidium Bromide)
- The positive control sample should reveal at the expected amplification  band, vice versa the negative  sample does not show any amplification result. The presence/absence of a specific band from your   biosample indicates the positive/negative result of specific DNA.

- the sensitivity of the Lyophilized Master Mix is about 10 – 100 copies of  DNA Template in 10 µl of purified DNA.

- Due to DNA losses while preparation and other inhibitors it may improve  the result by adding “universal control DNA”.

Transport: at room-temperature (15 - 30°C)

Storage: recommended to store at +2 - +15°C for long term; for transportation at room-temperature


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